September 18 – at a Snail’s pace

While listening to Module 1 – video 2, I realized I had to go back to the notes from Module 1 – Video 1.  This is not going to happen quickly. I need to take it slow.   Three Fundamental Principles You don’t need to connect with every reader, find the right readers. Your idealContinue reading “September 18 – at a Snail’s pace”

September 14 – My ideal reader is me??

  My Ideal reader for Calendar series I write to women, 25 and up. She likes to curl up on their couch on a rainy day or at the lake and read. She likes to read in the evening, maybe in bed, for twenty minutes or so, when the hectic of the day is over.Continue reading “September 14 – My ideal reader is me??”

September 12 – What do I have to offer

The Math Step 1 – create enough each year to earn $100 from each fan. – give your fans more Step 2 – you must have a direct relationship with your fans   Super Fan > True Fan > Regular Fan A true fan is someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.  Continue reading “September 12 – What do I have to offer”

September 11, 2018 – Day 2

  Today, I remember the tragedy that is 911. It is the most life changing event that occurred in my generation.  My parents had the Kennedy/King assassinations, my grandparents had WWI and WWII. Their parents had….. I don’t know my history that well.   Setting my timer to 30 minutes and starting with the recommendedContinue reading “September 11, 2018 – Day 2”

September 10, 2018 – Launch Day

So today was my target date to restart working on my social media platform. I took P2P (Pixels to Platform) a few months ago, but nothing stuck. I did get a couple of good writing sites and awesome cheerleaders. So for  30 minutes each weekday, I will work on my platform. I will get weekendsContinue reading “September 10, 2018 – Launch Day”