Manitobans are funny ducks

We have always been reactive as opposed to proactive. New stops signs don’t go up until there is a fatal accident. Speed zones don’t get changed until a child is seriously injured. We will not take this Covid 19 seriously until someone close to home dies. Then, being true to our nature, we will complain,Continue reading “Manitobans are funny ducks”

Be Careful What You Ask For

How time flies.Two years ago, I became part of an on-line writing group. We formed the SSWG after participating in a six-week prompt challenge. Unfortunately, I felt we were no longer providing an uplifting writing scene for each other. It had gotten stale. I was wrong. It was me who had gotten stale. I haveContinue reading “Be Careful What You Ask For”

Land of the Coots

Two white contrails sliced the cloudless blue sky as planes rumble past each other. The sound carries easily across the desert and down into the gully. The travelers are glad to leave the winter winds of Canada behind. They will rush from the planes to their hotels, to the restaurants, to play the slots, andContinue reading “Land of the Coots”

diyMFA101 – Book Club

February 5 – Supporting Cast  Support. To keeping something going. Your supporting cast moves the protagonist’s story forward, or backward, or perhaps slides it sideways. DIY MFA Radio Episode 103 (sorry, I cannot get the links to work) Writing  the Multiple Point of View novel with Emma Staub. My WIP has many characters, but it isContinue reading “diyMFA101 – Book Club”

diyMFA101 – Book Club

February 3 – Ohm’s LawResistance = Voltage/Intensity R= V/I Voltage: Ohm’s definition – the potential difference in charge between two points in an electromagnetic field. My definition – the objective – getting a the first round of revision done by the end of February. Resistance: Ohm’s definition – the measure of difficulty of passing an electric current through aContinue reading “diyMFA101 – Book Club”

diyMFA101 – Book Club

January 31 – “Best Practice(s)” ~that didn’t work for me~ 1. Write “X” number of words everyday.   This is the worst. I will write, count (14 words) write, count again (17 words) and then write some more and count AGAIN.(25) I get nothing done, I become consumed with the words. I have tried NaNoWriMo fourContinue reading “diyMFA101 – Book Club”