Learning Social Media

October 2 – Mood Board – technology continues to elude me

I made a mood board but forgot to post it yesterday. Because I had no magazines, I had to improvise. Being a writer, I listed my favorite textures, smells, sites and sounds. Because it is digital, I can change it as my writing style grows and matures.  Since I cannot figure out how to change a docx file to a jpeg, I have down loaded a pdf form  moodboard

I have also taken a picture of it with my phone



This is my docx


Learning Social Media

September 27 – WTF!

little sketchy man searching with magnifierI googled me.

What a revelation.

There were 5 others BR’s on Facebook, Me and 3 others on Twitter, LinkedIn had a teacher in Pittsburgh. I have an Instagram account, but it does not show up on the search, but I have had it for only about a month. I have a google account, which I knew about. I have a U-tube channel, which I had forgotten about. I used that for some dog agility things. There are 461 BR’s listed in the USA white pages, none in Canada. Our company shows up, eventually. And a site called PeekYou has me listed.