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Be Careful What You Ask For

How time flies.
Two years ago, I became part of an on-line writing group. We formed the SSWG after participating in a six-week prompt challenge. Unfortunately, I felt we were no longer providing an uplifting writing scene for each other. It had gotten stale.

I was wrong.
It was me who had gotten stale. I have been working on the same story for a very long time.
I love my characters and like the story line. Revisions were kicking my butt. I had never seriously revised anything. I have tweaked stuff, rearranged words, checked grammar and spelling. I was spinning my wheels, really getting nothing of value done.

I had my first 500 words reviewed by another group.
Several ‘AHA‘ moments emerged. I approached my SSWG group and voiced my concerns. Guess what!! They were all feeling the same way.

We had spent the last couple of years getting to know and trust each other.
Some of the founding members have drifted away, but we now have a fabulous core of dedicated and committed writers. We revamped the schedule and structure. I got to submit first. I gave them 5000 words of my precious story. Now, I’ve really got some ‘!AHA!’ moments. Their suggestions and incites were amazing and spot on! I have to totally rewrite the opening of my WIP.

I am beyond excited and rejuvenated.
I want to make these ladies proud. This means that I have to work hard and dig deep. The story I thought was ready for revision hasn’t been completely written.

The moral of my story: Be careful what you ask for. (You just might get it.)

(Group hug to the girls at SSWG)

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Land of the Coots

Two white contrails sliced the cloudless blue sky as planes rumble past each other. The sound carries easily across the desert and down into the gully. The travelers are glad to leave the winter winds of Canada behind. They will rush from the planes to their hotels, to the restaurants, to play the slots, and maybe, if time permits, see a show. Most will stay the weekend, or a couple of days more for the lucky ones. Then, onto outbound planes, returning from the Sin City, back to the cold, snow and work.

They won’t see the soft, beige Pampas grass that grows tall along the edge of the gully.  Their large feathery heads bright against the tall red walls of the riverbanks. Six-foot-high reeds swaying, releasing their seeds into the gentle breeze. The skeleton of a Creosote tree firmly planted along the shore, its roots no longer reaching the life-giving water, is a look-out for the small Sagebush sparrows.

They won’t see the sand and desolation that surrounds a small, lush oasis, created by eons of flash floods. Bright snippets of green peeking out as the Mesquite Honey bushes attempt to set roots in the sandy soil.

They won’t hear the water, a wandering minstrel, that begins its song from far away.

We hear the soft melody that transforms into a deep throated song as the creek flows through the Vegas Wash, tumbling over the dark, jagged river rock.

We see two Mallards, drake and hen, sitting on a craggy boulder in the middle of the creek. The couple preens, pulling the oils along their feathers, waterproofing their wings.

We see a blue heron fly low over the water as we climb along the dusty riverbank. It lands on a nearby sandbar, and waits, silently, for us to leave. The shadow of a cormorant glides past as it lands in a nearby eddy, perhaps to steal the heron’s deserted catfish.

We see four young Coots, frolic in the small whirlpools. Their ivory beaks bright against their ebony bodies as they plunge into the depths, hunting for snails or maybe a tadpole. They dive into the smooth pool at the top of a gentle cascade, popping up in the white foamy bubbles, to join the raft of Coots downstream. Shaking water from their sleek heads, they dance through the rapids back to the headwaters of their playground.

Soon, we also must leave, to catch the plane, to return to the cold and snow.

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October 2 – Mood Board – technology continues to elude me

I made a mood board but forgot to post it yesterday. Because I had no magazines, I had to improvise. Being a writer, I listed my favorite textures, smells, sites and sounds. Because it is digital, I can change it as my writing style grows and matures.  Since I cannot figure out how to change a docx file to a jpeg, I have down loaded a pdf form  moodboard

I have also taken a picture of it with my phone



This is my docx


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September 27 – WTF!

little sketchy man searching with magnifierI googled me.

What a revelation.

There were 5 others BR’s on Facebook, Me and 3 others on Twitter, LinkedIn had a teacher in Pittsburgh. I have an Instagram account, but it does not show up on the search, but I have had it for only about a month. I have a google account, which I knew about. I have a U-tube channel, which I had forgotten about. I used that for some dog agility things. There are 461 BR’s listed in the USA white pages, none in Canada. Our company shows up, eventually. And a site called PeekYou has me listed.