Be Careful What You Ask For

How time flies.
Two years ago, I became part of an on-line writing group. We formed the SSWG after participating in a six-week prompt challenge. Unfortunately, I felt we were no longer providing an uplifting writing scene for each other. It had gotten stale.

I was wrong.
It was me who had gotten stale. I have been working on the same story for a very long time.
I love my characters and like the story line. Revisions were kicking my butt. I had never seriously revised anything. I have tweaked stuff, rearranged words, checked grammar and spelling. I was spinning my wheels, really getting nothing of value done.

I had my first 500 words reviewed by another group.
Several ‘AHA‘ moments emerged. I approached my SSWG group and voiced my concerns. Guess what!! They were all feeling the same way.

We had spent the last couple of years getting to know and trust each other.
Some of the founding members have drifted away, but we now have a fabulous core of dedicated and committed writers. We revamped the schedule and structure. I got to submit first. I gave them 5000 words of my precious story. Now, I’ve really got some ‘!AHA!’ moments. Their suggestions and incites were amazing and spot on! I have to totally rewrite the opening of my WIP.

I am beyond excited and rejuvenated.
I want to make these ladies proud. This means that I have to work hard and dig deep. The story I thought was ready for revision hasn’t been completely written.

The moral of my story: Be careful what you ask for. (You just might get it.)

(Group hug to the girls at SSWG)

Published by Brenda Rech

Daughter + Sister + Cousin + Wife + Sister-in-law + Mother + Aunt + Great-aunt + Friend = Writer

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