I have:

A loving husband, two beautiful daughters, two dogs, three cats, and a bird named Amy Farrah Fowler. My flower gardens are forever at the beginner stages, as I would rather hike, canoe or snowshoe with my husband (and fellow empty nester)

I know:

Life is busier than ever, so obviously this is the best time to write.

Fun Fact:

My favorite breakfast is crispy bacon and strawberry jam on white toast.

In a nutshell:

Happily married with two  grown daughters. I have a fun newsletter Thru the Window. Writing short fiction. Working on my first novel.

My Origin Story – Rule of Three

All my life I wanted to be a veterinarian. I took all the right classes in high school, math, chem and biology. But, my favorite class, however, was a double class, English 300. The teacher was a poet, who love Shakespeare, which I did not, but he often gave funky, fun assignments for creative writing. I remember his excitement when he announced that a poem of his had been published. While most of the students were less than impressed, I was thrilled for him.

I enrolled into the Agricultural Department of the U of M. As I struggled through that first year, my grades in organic chemistry were less than stellar, but my marks in Canadian Lit were awesome.  During a counselling session with a T.A., it was suggested to me to pursue an English degree. What can you do with an English degree? Be a teacher. Nope, not for me. I quit university.

Fast forward. I signed up for a mail-in writing course to learn to write children’s books. This was the era of snail-mail and faxing. The whole exercise was too slow and cumbersome to keep my attention from two children, a husband, and a consulting business. I wrote on and off, mostly stories about pets we had lost to the rainbow bridge. I was not allowed to send them out in the morning. (People would be crying at work.)

Fast forward farther. We had to move our house. I wrote little emails with photos and sent to family, friends and colleagues who wanted to know how the relocation was going. I was actually doing a form of a blog, but didn’t know it.

Fast forward a little further. I found a Canadian self-directed writing course and completed it. Then I signed up for their mentored course and completed that.

Then I found DIYmfa101 run by the awesome Gabriela Pereria and her team. I am a loyal “Word Nerd. I finished the self-directed course DIYmfa101 and am now working through P2P (Pixels to Platform) for the third time.

I will get this!

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