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September 14 – My ideal reader is me??



My Ideal reader for Calendar series

I write to women, 25 and up. She likes to curl up on their couch on a rainy day or at the lake and read. She likes to read in the evening, maybe in bed, for twenty minutes or so, when the hectic of the day is over. She reads paperback, magazines or kindle, preferring shorter stories that can be read in one of two sessions. She loves the outdoors, hiking, gardening, probably has children, maybe even grandchildren. She has pets. She lives life. Busy, ambitious, she needs a tiny escape, to detox, if only for a moment. She has lots of acquaintances and several very close friends. She takes her responsibilities seriously and when she finally takes the time to “just read” for fun, she takes that seriously too. She likes variety in her stories. She likes a bit of nostalgia, seeing herself or something familiar, something that takes her back to another time. She likes to empathize with the characters even though she may not agree with them, always hoping the good guy will win. She likes it when she thinks she has figured it out only to have missed one little thing, that twist that surprises. She likes to smile when reading.

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