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January 29 – Feed Your Creativity

I have tried several times to make an oracle, mood board and angst jar. My attempts seemed contrived and forced. It just wasn’t working for me. Then, after a particularly, and rare, bad day in the office, my husband brought me a new tea cup in a pretty gift box and a bouquet of flowers. (Even though he had nothing to do with that particularly rare bad day.) I had my box, my treasure chest! A few days later, my mom called and said she had found a little two inch gnome that had hung on my door knob throughout my childhood. She, who saves nothing, had saved my gnome. He now resides in my treasure box. I have yet to learn if he is my outer muse or inner critic, or perhaps a bit of both. Then, I found, and I don’t remember where, a giant red die. It sits beside Gnome in the treasure box.

My creativity is fed by my family, my friends, my environment, my dogs and cats, but mostly by me. I love to set challenges for myself. For instance, my current challenge is a  weekday challenge. Fifteen minutes each day, Monday to Friday, of new content for my WIP. I cannot write “X” number of words. I spend the whole time counting and not writing. (so far….7/30 days – haven’t missed a day.) I have done NaNoWriMo  four times, and only succeeded once. NaNo Camp is more my style.

Finding Word Nerd Unite and other Facebook groups has inspired me to keep going. I have met people on these sites from all over the world. I am spurred on by the positive feedback and constructive critique, by watching others with the same fears and onstacles power through and succeed.

There is no velvet rope, no exclusive club. My creativetiy is just that, MINE.

Published by Brenda Rech

Daughter + Sister + Cousin + Wife + Sister-in-law + Mother + Aunt + Great-aunt + Friend = Writer

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