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January 23 – Honor Your reality

Reality #1

I have carved out 90 minutes every morning to write. But, my husband and I have a home-based business. Although he tries to respect my writing time, now and then, business has to come first.

Honor #1

I use a timer. When he interrupts me, I turn off the timer, deal with the issue, then return to my writing desk, turn the timer back on and write. Most of the time, 90 minutes is just that, 90 minutes. But sometimes it is 2 hours or even 2 1/2 hours. And sometimes, it just doesn’t happen at all.

Reality #2

I have to grown children who have moved away, but they still need their mommy.

Honor #2

When we visit, in person or on the phone, they come first. They have 100% of my attention. But, they also respect my writing time, and give me the space I need.

Reality #3

My parents and mother-in-law are elderly. I live 45 minutes away. We are dealing with heart disease and early on-set Alzheimer’s.

Honor #3

When call display tells me my mom or sister-in-law are calling, I leave my writing world and stay  in the real world as long as I have to.

Reality #4

In 2014, my husband and I decided to cut our 3500 sq. ft. home into three pieces and move it from the city to an acreage

Honor #4

I did not write anything meaningful at that time, but boy, do I have a story to tell.

Reality #5

Life is busy. it will always be busy. Emails, writing courses, Facebook groups, critique groups, family, Christmas, pets, cooking. Yep. Busy, busy, busy.

Honor #5

Embrace the business, but hold fast to your goals, whatever they may be. Don’t get discouraged when the time frame gets skewed. Forgive yourself for being human. Love what you do, whatever it may be.

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Daughter + Sister + Cousin + Wife + Sister-in-law + Mother + Aunt + Great-aunt + Friend = Writer

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